The Beginning

DISCLAIMER: This is a post about Tauren Lore, to reach out into the community to provide a better understanding of said Lore. Feedback is welcome.
The first post! How exciting. I hope I do it right. Let’s start off with something basic!
Tauren have many myths. The five most well-known myths reside in the tent of the Archdruid on the Elder Rise. These myths have meaning to the Tauren, and are carried with them through their day to day lives — however, these five, short myths are often overlooked. These myths contain quite a lot of lore.
The Mists of Dawn:
Quoted from Wowwiki!
Before the Age of Memory, the gentle Earthmother breathed upon the golden mists of dawn. Where the amber clouds came to rest, there were endless fields of flowing wheat and barley. This was the basin of her works – the great basket of life and hope.
The Earthmother’s eyes shone down upon the lands she had breathed into creation. Her right eye, An’she (the sun), gave warmth and light to the land. Her left eye, Mu’sha (the moon), gave peace and sleep to the stirring creatures of the dawning. Such was the power of her gaze that the Earthmother closed one dreaming eye for every turning of the sky. Thus, her loving gaze turned day into night for the first dawning of the world.
While the right eye shone down upon the golden dawn, the Earthmother’s gentle hands spread out across the golden plains. Wherever the shadow of her arms passed, a noble people arose from the rich soil. The Shu’halo (the tauren) arose to give thanks and prayer to their loving mother. There, in the endless fields of dawn, the children of the earth swore themselves to her grace and vowed to bless her name until the final darkening of the world.
Interpretation: This is a basic Creation story. The Earthmother, is currently an unknown entity in game, so we don’t exactly know if the Earthmother exists — She could be a Titan for all we really know.
The golden plains the myth speaks of, is hotly debated. Many speculate it’s Mulgore. Others say that’s it’s the Emerald Dream. In my personal opinion, it’s neither. It’s a zone that we cannot access, and is, comparatively, a Heaven, so to speak, for the Tauren.
An’she is going to be revealed in Lore much more in Cataclysm — I cannot really explain much about An’she, besides the fact An’she is there, and is the opposite Mu’sha.
Mu’sha has already been revealed: Elune. The only Goddess we KNOW is out there. She reveled by the Tauren Druids, Night Elves, etc etc. When the Night Elves taught Druidic Magic to the Tauren, it began a great deal of faith(If it wasn’t already there.) in Mu’sha — The left eye, the moon.
Enter: The Shu’halo — The Tauren. The Earthmothers chosen. It is in the Beginning that the Shu’halo are created. And that they begin to start off their world in Peace.
We -know- for a fact that this was way over 10,000 years ago.
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